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30 April 2006 @ 11:25 pm
Aubrey: Hush Still Monsters, chapter twenty -novel  
Chapter Twenty
The Last of His Kind

Fear ran its course through my body. It shook my limbs and locked my jaw shut with anger. It felt cold where I stood and harsh, hot tears stung at my eyes with such contradiction that it made me want to scream. I could only watch the horror in front of me as it was displayed. It was a crimson hell painted by Ulric's blood. I couldn't see pass the deep red that was spilled over the decorated tiles and dripped from Lesmana's mouth. Her eyes flashed her bloodlust as she stared back at me like a zombie who had no control over their thoughts or desires. She wanted more, it was written all over her face. She wanted to tear into him again and this time she wouldn't let him take another breath. I couldn't let that happen. I wouldn't let that happen, not to Ulric.

As paralyzed as my body was, I fought through it. There was a primal rage building up inside me and I couldn't stop myself from colliding with Lesmana's built body full force. I must have caught her off guard, or else it would have been like running into a brick wall. We tumbled backwards, my head connecting with the tiles and flashing bright stars in front of my eyes. Lesmana let out an angry shriek and rolled away, fearful that some vampire had attacked her. When she looked up and saw that it was me, there was question in her eyes, but it was short lived and soon replaced by malice.

Leaping up from her spot on the floor, she was on top of me before I had a chance to collect my bearings. She grabbed my wrists harshly and flipped me onto my back, pinning my arms stretched out to the side. She straddled my pelvis and leaned over so that her face was above mine. The grip she had on my wrists was all I needed to realize that I would never win in a fight against her. She had won before I even tackled her.

"I should have fed from you the first time." Lesmana whispered harshly, flashing her canines at me and flicking her tongue across one of them. A droplet of blood raced down her tongue and fell onto my face. I cringed. The feeling of someone else's blood wasn't pleasant, but especially Lesmana's. "Now I will feast." She growled and would have brought her mouth down to the side of my neck to feed. She would have ripped open my throat, stolen my breath, laughed as life left my body and went to wherever it goes to after death. She would have, had her head not been sliced clean of her body.

Blood poured out onto my face. I closed my eyes as the steamy liquid ran over me, covering my upper body with a disgusting, foul coppery stench, taste, and feel. Lesmana's dead body fell down onto me, exposed muscle touched my chin and I couldn't hold in a scream any longer. Lesmana's body was torn off of mine, her hands yanking at my wrists even in death. But she was torn away from me and I rolled over, unable to keep the bile from exploding from my mouth. I wretched multiple times, the smell of blood urging me on. I could taste it, Lesmana's blood in my mouth. I could taste her death and when I closed my eyes I could see her lifeless eyes watching me as her head fell to the ground.

I was shaking with weakness as I pushed myself up and looked around. I saw Lesmana's head lying a few feet away from me. Her eyes were open and staring at the wall. I would have kept staring at the bodiless head, but Fin walked into my line of sight. Looking up at him, I saw life on his face for the first time. It wasn't pleasant life, but it was an emotion. He looked sad, but at the same time he looked like a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. It took me a moment to realize that it had been Fin who killed Lesmana-Fin who killed his lover.

Fin tore a piece of his shirt off and handed it to me without saying a word. I hesitantly took it before wiping the blood off of my face. I scrubbed vigorously, trying to get the sticky gore off of me. When the shirt was soaked and was doing nothing more than spreading the blood around, I threw it to the side and used my arms to wipe what else I could get off. Shaking still, I looked over at Fin who was now squatting next to Ulric. My mind reeled with apprehension again as I realized Ulric was in human form. His clothes were tatters around his bloody body. There was a dark pool beneath his head. He was pale, extremely pale, like a white bone sticking out from torn red flesh, Ulric stuck out amongst the blood that surrounded him, his blood.

Pushing myself towards him a little, I froze when Fin started to move him. He rolled Ulric over onto his back. Gently cradling Ulric's head, he fingered the torn flesh on his neck. Fin laid Ulric's head in his lap and tore his sleeves off. He used them to make a bandage for his neck.

"Fin?" I found my voice, what little I had left. Fin glanced towards me, but didn't keep me in his attention for long. He examined Ulric's other wounds, but didn't bandage them. I saw that some of them had already closed and were healing. Thank God Ulric was a werewolf. "Is he...Is he okay?" I asked, feeling tears stinging at my eyes even as I said the words.

"He's healing. She barely missed his throat." Fin looked up and examined me for a moment. "Where's Aubrey?" His voice was harsh, accusing almost. I waited for him to start pointing his finger at me and yelling that this was my fault. But Fin didn't move. His eyes were locked on my face, waiting patiently for an answer. He must have dealt with trauma a lot.

"He followed Maddock." I whispered, gathering myself and pushing my way across the floor towards Ulric.

"Maddock is here?" Fin whispered to himself. There was confusion in his eyes and he looked towards Lesmana's body. He was silent for a while after that.

I kneeled next to Ulric's listless body. His eyes were closed, but they were moving beneath the eyelids. There was a look of discomfort on his face and he was making small, distressed noises in the back of his throat. I brushed a lock of his curly blonde hair away from his eyes and took his hand. I tried to shush him, but I couldn't help crying myself. There had been a lot of trauma in the past month or so. I had seen my best friend's mutilated body sprawled out across a room, I had seen people get their backbones ripped from their body, I had seen things that would scar people for life. But none of them compared to this. Ulric was not suppose to get hurt like this, it wasn't right. I laid partially on his chest and put my head on his shoulder, trying to hold back the hot tears that were washing away blood from my face.

Fin watched us for a moment before he stood up and took a deep breath. He walked over to Lesmana's headless body and stared down at it. I watched him, waiting for him to do something, cry maybe. For a long while, I thought he would just stand there for eternity, not moving, staring at the body that he had once loved. The body that he had once known from the inside out. He had shared himself with that body, shared pleasures, pains, and heated passions with that body. His heart had belonged to it. But now, he had killed all of the connections he held. He had murdered his lover.

"I am no toy." Fin whispered, kneeling down next to the body and taking its hand. "I loved you once, but your heart was never in it. You didn't want me. You never did." Fin's voice was rising in volume and his grip on Lesmana's hand tightened. "I gave you everything and you ignored me. You were too intent on your own sick plans for the future. You ignored love because you couldn't feel anything. All you cared about was him. You only wanted him. Now you've sentenced him to death by my blade." Fin picked up the body and flung it as far away from him as he could. It hit the wall with a sickening thud. It's a sound that sticks with a person, hearing a dead body hit the ground.

Fin stalked over to the head and kicked it. It rolled across the room, Lesmana's hair flying around wildly and sticking to her face with blood. It came to a stop against a piece of broken concrete, the eyes stared coldly back at us. Fin met those eyes for a moment before turning around and looking at us. "He should be waking up soon. He'll be ready to fight in about an hour." He walked back over to us and examined Ulric's neck wound again.

"An hour? Fin, this is a severe wound." I said, running my hand over Ulric's forehead. He had begun to sweat and his skin was cold. "I think he's going into shock."

"He's a werewolf." Fin said, as if that should have been enough to say to me to explain that Ulric would be all right. I didn't care that he was a werewolf, Ulric had gotten his throat ripped out and now Fin expected him to get up and fight again in an hour? When Fin saw the defiance in my eyes, he pointed to Ulric's leg, where there had been large scratches. "He's healing fast. Werewolves heal with incredible speed. I wouldn't be surprised if he woke up now and could go on." I was about to protest but Fin grabbed one of Ulric's arms and began to pull his body across the floor.

"What are you doing?" I yelled, standing up and grabbing Fin's arm. Fin ignored me.

"Getting you out of sight so I can hunt down Maddock."

"You're leaving us?" I said, fear coming back into my heart again. "What if vampires come?"

"They're too busy with the others to come back this way right now." Fin pulled Ulric back into a corner and laid his arm across his chest. Ulric moaned a little and turned his head. I looked at the wound on his neck and saw that it had stopped bleeding. The wound was starting to close up. I kneeled down next to him and took his hand again.

"Ulric?" I asked, watching his eyes. At the sound of my voice, he moved his head towards me. It took a few moments, but he finally opened his eyes and looked at me. Classic of Ulric, he smiled when he saw me. I couldn't help but be happy, but there was a part of me that was angry at him for smiling at such a horrible time. "How do you feel?" I asked, rubbing his hand in hopes that I could give him some comfort.

"Fine." He whispered hoarsely, chuckling a little at his own humor. I wanted to smack him, but decided against it since he did just sustain a near fatal wound.

Ulric closed his eyes for a moment to gather himself. When he opened them again, he looked around the room. He paused on Fin for a moment and then moved to Lesmana's body which was lying in a heap near the wall. "Sorry Fin." He whispered. Fin merely nodded his acceptance.

"I'm going to find Maddock." Fin announced and turned to look at us. "Can you fight?" He asked, looking at Ulric.

Ulric grinned again and sat up before I could stop him. He sat for a moment, testing himself. I watched him, in case he lost consciousness again. I didn't want him to hit his head anymore. But he looked towards me and chuckled a little at my mothering face. "Yeah, I'm good. Slow, but good." Ulric said, turning his head slightly to look at Fin and stopping. "Can't turn my head yet." He raised a hand and put it to the wound on his neck. "She took a good chunk out of me."

"She nearly killed you." I gave.

Fin started to walk away. He picked up the machete which he had dropped after killing Lesmana and wiped the blood onto his shirt. The knife looked wicked in his hands and as I looked at Fin, I was suddenly glad that he was on my side. I wouldn't want to have to fight him. I hoped that we would never have to, seeing as how the alliances made by vampires could easily be corrupted. Lesmana was a key example.

Just as Fin was about to leave, a woman appeared in the doorway. I grasped Ulric's hand and he turned his body to look at her. Fin stood frozen in the middle of the room, his machete held out to the side. He glinted it warningly. The woman standing in the doorway didn't respond to the warning. She didn't look menacing at all. She had blonde hair that was styled up on top of her head in curls and bows. Her body was small and beautiful. Her face was trim and proper, with a nose that turned upwards like royalty. She wore a black turtleneck sweater with a skirt and boots that went up to her knees. The boots had incredibly high heels and seductive straps that wrapped around her legs. Her skirt was short. As she stood there, she looked beautiful. She was the object of any man's desire. Most importantly, she was the object of affection that belonged to the man that stood behind her.

I didn't see the man behind her until he took a step forward and appeared from behind the shadows. I couldn't control a gasp that escaped my mouth as I realized that he was one of the three vampires that had attacked Aubrey that first night. He was one of the triplets, the only one left. Aubrey had killed the other two, and now only he remained. This made me fear him more. He had something to hate Aubrey and I for other than what he was told to hate us for. He had a personal vendetta to deal with.

"Alexander." Fin breathed. I looked towards Fin in horror. He had uttered the words tinted with slight fear. He must have realized that Alexander was making the fight personal as well. Ulric pulled me closer to him.

Alexander smiled slyly, his face was like a snake. He moved slowly, but like a rattler moves when they're coiling to strike. He moved an arm to the girl's shoulder and moved his hand around her so that he was holding her. Moving his mouth near to her neck, he licked her and kissed her. His eyes were fastened on Fin however. It was a very seductive move on Alexander's part, but it obviously disgusted Fin because he flashed his machete again towards the two.

"Nice to see you Fin." Alexander said. His voice was like lavender. It was smooth and flowed, but it filled the air with such a strong tension that it made it hard to breathe.

"No games Alexander." Fin hissed. "Fight me."

"I didn't come to fight you." Alexander said. He was suddenly standing in front of the girl. She still stood with a smirk on her face. I felt chills run up my spine. These two were vampires to be reckoned with. "I came to fight your master. Have you seen him?" As he asked this, he tilted his head to the side. His voice took on the tone of an innocent human being. But beneath that mask there was poison. I could sense it from him.

"You will fight me!" Fin yelled, slashing his machete in the air.

"Such violence." The girl whispered. Her voice was like honey.

"Justine," Alexander took off his black trench coat. Beneath he was wearing leather. His shirt was sleeveless, but had a high neck. His skin was pale and his hair was dark black, long, and in a pony-tail that traveled down his back. He had two guns strapped to either side of his legs. A knife was tucked into his belt on one side and a whip was attached to the other. He looked hideously frightening with all his weapons on display. I fear for Fin, and then I feared for Ulric and I. "Make sure our audience stays where they are." He said to the Justine, who stood behind him. Justine's eyes flickered over to us and her head moved with the speed of a hawk.

Before I could do anything, Justine was standing over us, a knife in her hand. I merely had time to let out a gasp of protest before she plunged the knife into Ulric's leg. Ulric screamed in pain and grabbed Justine's arms, trying to pull it out. Justine twisted it and Ulric's pain wretched screams met my ears again. I yelled in protest and tried to push Justine away. She yanked the knife out and Ulric leaned over his thigh. Blood spurted between his fingers and he took deep breaths, trying to breathe away the pain. I hugged his shoulders and looked at the wound.

"Move and I'll make it deadly." Justine whispered to us. I looked up at her. She put the knife to her mouth and licked the blood clean. I hated her then, more than anything. Ulric leaned into me and I diverted my attention back to him. He rested his head on my shoulder and looked up at my face. There were tears of pain in his eyes. A few tears spilled over onto his cheeks.

"Why do we always find ourselves in these situations?" He was taking deep breaths in between words. Ulric's face was pale, but the bleeding in his leg had already stopped. I hugged him tighter. I wanted people to stop hurting him. Tears formed in my eyes again and I looked up at Justine. She had her back turned on us. For a moment, the thought of killing her flashed through my mind. But I realized that she could probably sense if one of us came up behind her. She would just end up hurting Ulric more. The thought immediately left my mind.

"You'll pay for that she-devil." Fin whispered. His eyes didn't leave Alexander, but his voice was directed towards Justine. She just laughed back at him coyly.

"Where's your master, Fin?" Alexander asked again, bringing the attention back to him.

"I don't betray my outfits, traitor."

Alexander let out a hearty laugh. It hurt my ears. "Me? A traitor? I'm not the one who betrayed my clan, little one."

"The clan was foolish! They would have brought death to us all." Fin yelled. His voice was more animated than I'd ever heard it.

"So instead you join a rebel? He will no doubt lead you to hell. He will die here tonight and he will take you down with him." Alexander paused and stared at him. "Why do you follow such a vampire?"

"He's true hearted. He thinks of more than just himself." Fin flashed his fangs and let out a hiss. The tension between the two was growing. I could feel it streaming back and forth between their eyes.

"If that's what you would like to believe, then so be it. You die tonight."

"You are sorely mistaken."

And so the true fight began.