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30 April 2006 @ 11:31 pm
Aubrey: Hush Still Monsters, chapter twenty-four -novel  
Chapter Twenty-Four
Join Me In Darkness

Losing Ulric was something that I couldn’t handle. Just the thought of it tore at my very heart. I couldn’t picture going on with things without Ulric. He was as much a part of me now as Aubrey was. Ulric may not have been my lover, but he was the closest someone could get without going over that line of friendship. I would have died on the spot if I had lost Ulric then. Luckily, things didn’t happen the way Alexander wanted them to. It was not a friend who ended up saving Ulric, it was someone I had forgotten was even around. Justine took action by pushing Alexander’s arm away. The bullet went wide and planted itself into the wall behind Ulric, who looked as white as a ghost, unable to take in a breath, still waiting for death.

Alexander and Justine stared at each other for what seemed like eternity. It was a death stare coming out of Alexander’s eyes. Justine just looked innocently at him, her eyes pleading with him to understand her actions, even when she hadn’t explained them yet. She looked powerful standing there, holding Alexander’s arm to the side, her hands firmly clenched around his wrist. She had an ethereal glow about her that made her blonde locks shimmer. Her chest heaved with an unneeded breath and her whole body stood tense. Alexander seemed not to notice her beauty, only her deception.

“I told you I didn’t want this one hurt.” Justine whispered, her voice betraying her powerful look. When she spoke, the façade broke, leaving a scared, frightened little girl. “I want him, my own puppy.” She said, letting go of Alexander’s arm and moving closer to his chest, running her hands up over his shoulders and wrapping her arms around his neck. She put her face close to his chin and pressed her body into his. “Please?” She whispered, kissing his lips. Alexander didn’t move a bit with the gesture. He watched her kiss him and when she pulled away, their eyes locked.

“I forgot.” Alexander smiled, though it wasn’t a true smile. There was hatred behind it. “Forgive me.” He pushed her away and looked at Ulric. “Make sure he’s not bothersome while I finish things up here.” Then he turned around to face Fin and I.

Justine moved quicker than Ulric could react, though I gave him props for at least realizing she was standing next to him. He started to turn to her, started to fend her off, but Ulric didn’t have a chance up against her. She brought her hands up and with what seemed like one fluid motion, she had snapped his arm and ankle. Ulric barely had time to let out a gasp of pain before Justine brought her hand to Ulric’s face, shattering his nose with a loud crack. Ulric’s head flung backwards and Justine caught him, gently lowering him to the ground.

Then it was Alexander’s turn to move. He came forward, drawing a knife out of his boot. He came at Fin, who withdrew his machete from the ground and met Alexander’s knife in air. They had a power struggle for a few moments before they released their hold on each other and fought a vicious knife fight.

“Hush now,” Justine was whispering to Ulric. I looked over towards her, ignoring the fight between Alexander and Fin for the moment. Ulric was struggling in her arms, obviously not wanting to be there. I could see how much pain he was in. The bone in his arm stuck out of the flesh grotesquely. His foot was twisted in an odd way. Justine ran her fingers along Ulric’s head and gently kissed his forehead, moving her mouth to lick at the blood trickling down his nose, mouth, and chin. Her eyes flashed and she nipped at his chin. “I will nurse you, slave.” Ulric let out a whimper and I had had enough.

Rushing forward, I fingered the knife Fin had given to me. I didn’t know what I expected myself to do with that knife, but I knew that I would do anything possible to get Justine away from Ulric. I was getting sick of just standing around while my friends got hurt, especially Ulric. I lunged at the right spot and flew through the air, the knife out in front of me, ready to slice into Justine’s head. She turned when I was almost on top of her and held out her hand. With incredible strength, she grabbed onto my wrist and flung me behind her. I skidded on the ground and came to a sudden stop against something soft and cold. When I regained myself, I saw that I had landed next to Aubrey and was now pressed up against him, his blood soaking into my clothes. I was nearly covered in blood by now. I took the opportunity to tend to Aubrey.

Rolling him over, I saw the extent of the damage. His chest had been sliced horribly. There were scratches all over his face and his leg had been nearly shredded. But the wound that had brought Aubrey down was most likely the fact that his throat had been slit. It was a clean cut, the skin hadn’t bunched. His face was so pale and when he opened his eyes, I gasped. It was like looking at a corpse who had just awoken again. The irony of the fact was that Aubrey was a corpse, a living corpse.

“Aubrey?” I whispered, brushing his hair away from his face. Aubrey’s eyes, which normally were so beautiful, were almost completely dead. There was nothing behind them. It was like I was looking at model eyes, these didn’t belong to him. Aubrey was far away from his body. “You’ll be okay.” I whispered, trying to reassure myself more than him. I started crying then as I looked down at him. He was so vulnerable, so open for anyone who wanted to hurt him. I didn’t want to hurt him, and I didn’t want anyone else to hurt him. I needed to give him something to fight for. I needed him to get better so that he could end this fight and we could move on. It was time for me to do something. The time had come for me to tell Aubrey how I felt and now I was not searching for him anymore, I was looking right into his eyes and he was looking back, though he was barely alive.

I took the knife I had been holding and cut into the side of my wrist, it wasn’t a fatal wound, but it still made me wince and bite my lip. When blood started to trickle down, I lifted Aubrey’s head up and held it in my lap. Then I gently lowered my wrist to his lips. Instantly, the color started to come back to his face. He closed his eyes and I felt Aubrey start to suck the blood from my veins on his own. “I love you, Aubrey.” I whispered as his feeding became stronger and quicker.

Aubrey’s eyes opened and he looked right at me. I knew he had heard what I said. That was enough for me. The truth was out and that’s all I asked for. Aubrey knew that I loved him back. He knew that we could possibly have a future together. There was nothing else that I could do for him now, because I had done all that I had set out to do. Aubrey had accomplished his goal of finding love because he had found me. I was at his mercy now. I would do whatever Aubrey told me to do, because now I had submitted myself to him. I was perfectly fine with that, because I loved him. As he stared up at me, the color and life coming back to his eyes, I saw a look on his face that I hadn’t seen before. It was pure love I was looking at in those eyes. He was showing me that he was capable of loving me, of giving me everything I ever wanted. Aubrey would take care of me, he would line my paths with satin and feathers. Things would go smoothly now that I had Aubrey.

My head started to spin and I felt myself fall backwards. I expected to feel my head hit the ground, but it never did. Instead, Aubrey sat up and caught me. He supported my head with his hand and held me close to him. He hugged me to his chest as he continued to feed from my wrist. I heard Aubrey’s voice inside my head and our eyes met.

“Don’t be scared, angel. I will take only what I need. I will not harm you.” Aubrey’s feeding became slower, but I was too weak to really notice. Finally, he pulled away, a trickle of blood slipped from the corner of his mouth. He licked his lips and looked back at me. I felt my eyes getting heavy. Aubrey gently laid me on the ground. He tickled my forehead and leaned over me. “Do you truly love me?” He whispered, looking down at me.

I wanted to scream at him for asking such a question. Of course I truly loved him. I wouldn’t have said it if I hadn’t meant it. But I understood where he was coming from. Aubrey was a man who had been hurt in the past by love. He had a right to not trust his hopes. I tried to move my hand up to his face, but my body was so weak that I was unable to do so. Instead I just smiled at him. “Yes.” I gave weakly.

“Then, will you join me in darkness, angel?” I caught myself before I agreed to anything. I knew what he was asking. The thought had occurred to me before that if I truly loved Aubrey, then I would have to become a vampire or grow old without him. I hadn’t decided which I wanted. Was I willing to gain eternal life for Aubrey? I knew the tales of people who had eternal life and the sorrows that came with life without death. I knew that I would watch everyone around me grow old and die, while I stayed young. But I would have Aubrey. I would always have him, forever, for as long as we lived, which would be forever. We would never grow old. We would watch the future come and go. We would be around for every turn in history. I would no longer be scared of death. But, to have an eternity with Aubrey? Would I grow bored of him? Would we truly spend an eternity together? I couldn’t imagine what eternity felt like, especially not with the same person. Could I do that? Could I really stay happy with Aubrey until time ceased to exist? I didn’t know. I truly didn’t know the answer, but I was staring up into those pleading eyes, I knew that I couldn’t say otherwise. People had died to get me into the position I was know. People had died for this love, for this romance that Aubrey had created. If I didn’t truly step into the position of Aubrey’s lover, they would have all died in vain. I wouldn’t have that.

All of these thoughts coursed through me as Aubrey waited for an answer. But the only thought that mattered was the thought of finally being able to stand next to Aubrey and let him show me everything that I had known to be a secret. Everything that Aubrey knew, he would let me know. I would be introduced to a whole knew world, something that I had only just recently found out had existed.

When I had accepted to go to the club with Jamie those weeks ago, I had realized that I needed color in my life. While I was with Aubrey, I had not known what I wanted, or even if I needed the color anymore. I could have gone back to work at the office and been happy. But that option was no longer available. Now, lying in Aubrey’s arms, with him awaiting the answer to his proposition, I knew that this was what I had been waiting for my entire life. This was the color I had needed. The door was open and all I needed to do was step through it. I closed my eyes, still reluctant, but not knowing why. Perhaps I was scared. Aubrey told me not to be scared. I smiled then.

“Yes.” It came out so simply. I thought it would be harder than that.

Aubrey’s grip on my tightened and he put his forehead to mine. When I looked at him, he had his eyes closed. I thought he was in pain, but when he opened his eyes and looked at me, I saw only complete joy. He was happy. Tears brimmed in his eyes and he kissed my nose. “I promise you a life of love and power, angel. Nothing shall bring you down.”

Aubrey took my arm and bit into it again. It stung for only a little before I couldn’t feel anything anymore. Things grew quiet. The commotion of the fights going on in the background ceased to exist. Ulric’s resonating whimper left my mind and I was left with only the thought of Aubrey. He invaded every part of me. His presence became a part of my own. I never stopped looking into his eyes and he never looked away from me. Finally, he was done. He laid me down gently and licked his fangs, which he flashed at me. I watched as he took the knife from my limp hand and sliced his own wrist with it. He held it to my mouth. At first, it tasted horrible. I didn’t want it anymore. But after a few moments, I began to enjoy the taste of Aubrey’s blood. I started to crave it, want it, desire it. I needed it faster. I soon began to suck on it, take it into my mouth and swallow quicker than any beverage I had drunk before. Aubrey took in a sharp breath and my eyes flickered up towards his. He looked slightly pained, but he was no longer looking at me. He was watching his arm. I looked at his arm and saw that it had grown pale, but the rest of his body remained normal. I still took the blood that I desperately wanted but I was beginning to grow scared for Aubrey. How much was I suppose to take?

My question was answered when he suddenly ripped his arm away from my mouth. He fell backwards, taking in deep breaths. I watched him for only a second, craving him to bring his arm close to me again. But suddenly a pain exploded inside of my stomach. It felt as if my organs were bursting inside of me. I let out a scream that echoed against the walls of the room. Small explosions burst all through my body. I closed my eyes and let out another scream. A cool numbness that started in my fingers made its way up my arms. The same numbness started in my toes and crept up my legs. They met in my stomach and then crawled up my chest, my neck, until the numbness reached my head and my brain. My thoughts were dulled, I couldn’t concentrate on the pain or on anything. I was left gasping, my vision blurred and my body paralyzed. A darkness crept over me, and when I thought that soon I would be dead, it cleared. When my vision returned, I saw things more clearly. Sounds were louder and more distinct. I heard everyone in the room breathing, and I heard blood coursing through the veins of the werewolves. I let out a breath and found that I didn’t need to take one in again, though I did just out of habit. I sat up, feeling a lingering tingle through my limbs, but that soon vanished as well. I held up my hands in front of my face. They were so clear, my eyes saw everything. My nails were perfectly defined, my fingers a little longer than normal. I looked down at my body, there were no lingering injuries. My skin had paled a little.

“Welcome to immortality.” Aubrey said. His voice had the distinct sound of bells. I turned to look at him. He had a new look about him now. There seemed to be a dark air about him now, almost like a black aura. His eyes glowed too, a glow I hadn’t seen before from him. I turned my head to look at the others. Mitch was leaning against a wall, unable to fight anymore. I could hear the blood running inside of him and I found myself suddenly thirsty. Looking towards Fin and Alexander, who were still locked in a hand to hand death match, I saw that the both of them had the same black aura as Aubrey. I decided it must be a vampire thing.

“How do you feel?” Aubrey asked, coming to my side. His movements didn’t look so quick to me anymore. My mind worked faster than normal. I smiled to myself, my eyes scanning the room.

“I feel alive.” I answered honestly.

“You are far from alive.” Aubrey chuckled, running his hand through my hair. “Come on,” Aubrey took my hand and stood up. I stood with him, finding my body free from sores and restrictions. I could move like nothing pained me. I felt flexible and long limbed, beautiful. It was quite exhilarating.

Aubrey led me over to Mitch. “When you feed,” Aubrey began, “Go for a vein, or you get a rather meaty drink. I think you’ll find that you will prefer the smoother blood, straight from the vein.”

Mitch looked up at Aubrey, disgusted, but he cocked his head to the side anyway to allow me to drink from him. My mind screamed at me not to, Mitch didn’t like it and he didn’t want to be fed from, but I couldn’t control my urge now. I needed blood and the sound of Mitch’s angry blood flowing through him drove me to the edge. I kneeled down and opened my mouth. I put my fingers to my mouth and found that I indeed had pointed canines now. I looked at Mitch, who watched me with a certain curiosity but also an anger. That only fueled me more. I sank my fangs into his pulsing vein and began to suck the blood from him.

Aubrey watched me as I fed. Mitch’s blood tasted different than Aubrey’s. It was almost tart, a bit more spicy, whereas Aubrey’s blood had been sweet. I felt it enter my system, giving me more strength. I kept taking and soon, Mitch’s eyes drooped. Aubrey pulled me away gently. “You don’t want to kill him.” Aubrey said, looking at Mitch, who let out a low growl. “You’ve had enough.”

“Does it hurt?” I asked as Aubrey wiped the blood away from my mouth as if I were a child. Mitch looked at me and frowned. I guess he hadn’t expected the question. “If it hurts, I won’t do it again.” I told him.

Mitch looked at Aubrey, but Aubrey had turned his attention to the fight going on behind him. “No, it doesn’t hurt, not anymore.” Mitch said, eyeing my suspiciously. “You needed it, anyway.”

“Stay with him, Mia.” Aubrey said, patting my shoulder before leaving my side. I didn’t turn to look at him. My eyes were locked on Mitch. As I looked at him, it was like I was seeing him for the first time. He had an animalistic feel to him, something that I could feel clearly now. When he spoke, I could hear the wolf behind the voice. His eyes flashed like wolves when I looked at them. I could see inside someone now, with my vampire eyes.

Finally, I turned around and watched Aubrey. He was heading towards the fight between Alexander and Fin. Fin looked beat. He was bleeding from numerous knife wounds, the most severe being a wound on his neck, which was spurting blood down his chest. Alexander barely had a scratch on him. Aubrey took Alexander by surprise, he slashed the older vampire across the back with his fingernails. Alexander let out a screech and whirled, but Aubrey ducked beneath the knife.

“Alexander!” Justine yelled, she had been playing with Ulric all the while, tickling him and nipping him with her teeth. Ulric’s chest rose and fell swiftly, but his eyes were closed, a look of pain etched across his face. There were bite marks up and down his arms. Justine had a hand beneath his shirt. The site of this angered me. I felt anger like it was an emotion I had never encountered before. It wasn’t just a simple anger, it was a rage. I stood up and stalked towards Justine and Ulric. Mitch reached out to grab me and tell me to stay, but he wasn’t fast enough. He didn’t have the strength to follow.

“Leave him alone.” I spat, standing before Justine. She turned to look at me and when she saw what I had become, her eyes widened. For a moment, she was taken by surprise. But I wasn’t a fighter, I was merely a creature who could learn to become a fighter. I didn’t know to take cease the moment. Justine’s surprise left and she smiled at me. She took her hand from beneath Ulric’s shirt and laid his head down gently on the floor. Ulric’s eyes opened and he looked at me. He frowned a little, but then a smile came to his face. It was small, because he was so weak, but it was there.

Justine stood up and looked at me, her eyes glaring deep down inside of me. But I was able to look back and know that my gaze had the same effect on her now. She could no longer hold me. “Sorry kid, but the wolf is mine now. I’ve claimed him.” Justine said, licking one of her fingers seductively. It didn’t faze me. “But, you’re pretty enough. You could join us, you know? I wouldn’t mind sharing him with you.” Her eyes went up and down my body. “And I wouldn’t mind taking my share in you as well.”

I found that I had a strange attraction to Justine then. Her black glow silhouetted her beautifully. I imagined us together as friends. I saw us laughing, holding hands, kissing, and then further. It was almost an overwhelming thought, but I shook it away. “I’d rather not.” I said and lashed out with my hand. Justine easily ducked beneath my hand and brought her own up to hit my throat. I fell backwards harshly, crashing to the floor. Justine jumped in the air, a little higher than normal just for show, and then came down on top of me, bringing her hands to pin my arms down on the floor.

“That’s too bad. I would have liked to explore you.” She said and smiled at me, licking her lips. I found myself growling with hatred towards her. I managed to snap one of my wrists free and I brought my hand up to scratch her face. I was surprised when I felt her skin bunch up beneath my fingernails and be ripped free from her face. She let out a scream, but didn’t get off of me. She brought a hand to her face, dabbing the blood with her fingers and then licking it clean. “That wasn’t nice.” She spat and then slapped me across the face. There was hardly any pain at all. And the pain that was there went away quickly.

I grabbed Justine’s wrist and tried to pull her off of me. She didn’t budge. I was getting angry. Justine on the other hand, was having fun toying with me. I could see it in her eyes. She slapped me again and grabbed my free wrist, holding it out to the side. “What’s the matter, young one? Haven’t got a hold of your vampire powers yet? You should be stronger than this.”

I looked up at her and studied her face. Was she telling me the truth? I hadn’t even tried to use any special vampire powers yet. Perhaps I did have more strength than normal. I decided to try. I brought my legs up and kicked Justine in the back. She lurched forward, her face coming close to mine. She laughed in my face and said, “That’s it!” With that, she kissed my forehead and sat back up. “Well, enough is enough I suppose.” She whispered, sighing. “I hope you’ve enjoyed your immortal life, because now you’re going to die.”

Justine’s face turned darker and she flashed her fangs at me. She threw my wrist to the side, pinning it with one of her feet. I tried to get out from underneath her, but she brought her other foot to my neck, sitting completely on my stomach. She ran her free hand down the side of my face and stopped at my neck. Her fingernails dug into the skin a little and suddenly brought her hand up quickly, slicing my cheek. I let out a yell. Justine slapped me, her boot digging into my neck as my head jerked to the side. She stepped harder and I growled.

Then, Justine raised her hand above her head and prepared to bring it down for a finishing blow.