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16 May 2006 @ 09:42 am
I Watch Her -poetry  
I Watch Her

she rubs the sleep from her eyes
welcomes the day with a yawn and a groan and a sigh
she showers and dresses
puts up her hair, paints on her face
brushes her teeth, cleans out her ears
lathers her legs, shaves ‘til they're smooth
and I watch her
as her eyes linger on the razor
maybe four seconds too long.

she comes in at lunch to wash up her hands
leans against the counter too tired to stand
stares at her face with wicked contempt
puckers her lips, mashes her teeth
her cheeks quiver, her throat whimpers
he yells from the couch
‘til his voice is too hoarse
and I watch her
as she straightens her blouse
and puts on a smile.

she comes in at night after he’s gone to bed
to sit on the tub as she lowers her head
she sobs and she cries
she yells and she swears
when she stands it’s not straight
when she walks it’s not smooth
and I watch her
as she covers the bruises with blush
and tries to pretend she smells like a woman
instead of his beer.

and I watch her
as she hides her pain with a mask
and wishes she could tell someone other
than her reflection in the mirror.