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16 May 2006 @ 09:49 am
All The Things You Do To Me -poetry  
All The Things You Do To Me

I open my eyes when you’re near me
you give me air when I suffocate on stress
drown in depression, choke on nonchalance
when Jack and Jim and Jose
delude my senses and send me into a
trippy, blurry, no holds barred mind fuck
you’re there to hold my hair
as I puke apologies into the toilet
You sober me

And when I think I have nothing to offer
when I’m nothing more than a speck in life
a blemish, a sore, a spot
Out Damn Spot
you hold me and you hug me
and somehow in the end we’ve found a balance
between sinking to the bottom
and floating so high, so high we’re dizzy
we’re dizzy, dizzy, dizzy
and down we go, but not us
because we do lunch in the middle
and order ourselves a fat helping
of sautéed self appreciation
with a side of fried worthiness.
You settle me

It gets so dark when you’re not around
when you’ve gone away and I
screw things up and slip
and find my way back to the bottle,
back to the lack of air
back to dancing to ugly music
pretending I’m happy with a waltz
when I’d rather have a boogie
and in the dark, when I get lost in the dark
and everything’s dark
and repetition is dark
I need you there to help me see
to help me open my eyes
because I open my eyes when you’re near me
and I need you to see
because I see what we see
and I need you to see
You illuminate me.